Naming and Branding

ENSO is a brand focused on spiritual wellness and emotional stability. ENSO aim to conduct psychology through art therapies. We design a brand system based on the graphic of the Japanese symbol 円相 —the moment when the mind is free to let the body create.

The brand is composed of a series of illustrations that symbolizes enlightenment, self-knowledge, and tranquillity through a minimal Japanese aesthetic.

Enso 01
Enso 04
Enso 02_b
Enso 03
Enso 05
Enso 06
Enso 07
Enso 08
Enso 09_b
Enso 09_a
Enso 10
Enso 11
Enso 12
Enso 13
Enso 14
Enso 15
Enso 16
Enso 17



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