Naming and Branding

We were commissioned to design the visual language and branding for Form&Press, a sportswear brand. Form&Press's philosophy states that through discipline and hard work people could lead to a better quality of life—through physical, healthy and mental transformation.

Our graphics solution that represented those values, was the creation of a mark that combines both initials F&P, evoking all the movement, transformation, and evolution that comes within the brand.

00 Form&Press
01 Form&Press
01.2 Form&Press
02 Form&Press
03 Form&Press
04 Form&Press
05 Form&Press
06 Form&Press
07 Form&Press
08 Form&Press
09 Form&Press
11 Form&Press
10 Form&Press
12 Form&Press
13 Form&Press
14 Form&Press
15 Form&Press
16 Form&Press
17 Form&Press
18 Form&Press



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