Basic was formally born in mid-2016, as a studio made of designers with backgrounds in different areas focused mainly on branding, editorial, and digital design. Since our beginnings, we’ve had the fortune to build relationships in national and international projects with the adaptability of a young studio. Located between Monterrey and Mexico City, Basic was born with the purpose to communicate the value of brands through design.


The concept of duality has strongly resonated in our studio’s vision since the first day. The idea of ​​Basic was born from the vision of two designers with completely different design experiences, finding ground between the corporate and the boutique.

We strongly believe that design should be seen as a communication tool for an idea, project or person, therefore, as designers, we are translators to our clients. Where their voice is the most important thing. Our responsibility as creative people is to be able to translate the client’s ideas and to find a balance between both parties.

Basic was born because we believe in design as a primary tool for brand development.


Selected Clients



Our creative process — it's essential to establish clear two-sided communication between client and studio.

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In our first approach with the client, we analyze how to outline the project within our branch of services. As our first objective, we have to identify the client’s main needs to develop a strategic plan according to the project.

In this stage of the project, it is important to have clear communication between the studio and the client in order to develop the following phases.

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At the beginning of the project’s creative stage, it’s extremely important to have full knowledge of our place as developers and collaborators in the project.

Each of our strategic decisions is supported by exhaustive research that analyzes the current state of the brand, the universe it lives in, and its future aspirations. The constant talk between «today» and «tomorrow» will show us key points that will allow us to impose parameters of where the project will be developed.

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At the core of our creative process, we define and develop the concept of the brand or project. The strength of the concept lies in being able to summarize what defines each of our brands, projects, and ideas in a single sentence.

Meanwhile, each of the elements of the project is designed and developed from the name to the design of the brand. Being this one the most organic stage of our entire creative process.

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We know well that a proposal is no more than a projection of what it could be. We are responsible for making things happen, so we take into our hands that each result communicates the value of brands through design.



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